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13 November 2020:
- New Game&Watch game since the 80's!

29 August 2006: 
- New Forum! - This is your place to talk about Game&Watch with Game&Watch collector and friends. Discussion, question etc. about this site. You can also buy, sell and trade Game&Watch stuff here!

1 February 2004:
- After almost seven years (Spring 1998 to January 2004), this site has moved to its own domain.

From Spring 1998 to Monday 6th september 1999 - 
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There may be thousands of games that are more advanced and more fun to play, but few of those have so high nostalgic value as Nintendo's Game&Watch games.

April 28:th 1980 was the date for the first release ever of a Game&Watch game. It was introduced by designer Gunpei Yokoi (1941-1997), and suddenly there was a Game&Watch in almost every home.

In Scandinavia alone almost two million games were sold during 1981-1992. In Sweden 800.000 units (Source: Nintendo.se).
The games featuring Donkey Kong and Marios Bros became huge successes in the 80's.
As far as I know only official 59 different G&W-games have been released by Nintendo Co. Ltd, Kyoto, in Japan.

There are 12 different categories of Game & Watch: The first Silver-series that was produced in 1980, then came Gold (1981), Widescreen (1981-1982), Multiscreen (1982-1989), Tabletop (1983), Panorama (1983-1984), New Widescreen (1982-1991), Super Color (1984), Micro Vs. (1984) Crystal Screen (1986), Special (1987) and 35th anniversary (2020).

If you have any Game & Watches you want to sell or trade, please let me
know. Please note however that nothing on my collection-list is for sale...

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