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G&W collectors-homepages
Australia Cal's G&W Center (Cal Greatbatch)
Finland ES3  (Esa Saajasto)
France The Geoffroy's G&W collection (Geoffroy Derenne)
Germany Apprentice (Marco Kautz) (Nini Richter)
Holland Eelke Jan´s Game&Watch site   (Eelke Zijlstra)
Italia Game & Watch Trades (Francesco Gottardo)
Korea, south Ferrarih - Classic VFD tabletop (Soon Wooc Hong)
New Zeeland Obscure Pixels   (Michael Davidson)
Spain G&W .Club de amigos de las G&W (Tomás Rodríguez)
Sweden Game&WatchHQ (Peter Rundqvist) 
     Robin's G&W Collection (Robin Björnstad)
Switzerland (Patrick Weiss)
UK Harry's Nintendo G&W Collection (Harry Yiannakis)
    QuickJimmy G&W Online Collection (Matt Cockram)
    Retro-Trader (Paul Andrews)
    In the Attic (Torsten Lindh)
USA Clint's Handheld Webpage  (Clint Dyer)
    Mini Arcade (Steven Read)
G&W simulator sites
Italy MADrigal's handhelds simulators (Luca Antignano)
Sweden Get to Game&Watch - Manhole (Dan Bergman)
Mail-order business, Auction, Sales
Netherlands Game Over? Amsterdam (Dj Simon)
Other related Game & Watch info
France Game and Watch Xchange (Pierre Lain)
Japan Game&Watch Maniax (S. Noddy)
Sweden Game&Watch Central (Jörgen Jörälv)
USA Patent-office (Patent for Nintendo Game&Watch)

Game & Watch Cental
Game&Watch Central

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Fredrik's G&W Collection
Fredrik's G&W Collection


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